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What is Air Ambulance Services?

The advantage of engaging air ambulance service is that patients, whether critically ill or not, could be quickly evacuated to...

What does the term air ambulance services refer to?
Broadly speaking, air ambulance services refer to the deployment of helicopters, airplanes and related air transportation to areas where emergency cases involving patients occur and move them to suitable healthcare facilities or away from accident scenes. Emergency medical treatment will be provided by accompanying qualified paramedics on board helicopters or aircraft and will be monitored thoroughly until the patients are safely transported to the desired hospitals or any healthcare facilities.

As air ambulance services bear the responsibility of ensuring the safety and health of the patients as well as the accompanying air crew and medical personnel, it is of utmost importance that stringent training are given prior to joining the operation and clear-cut protocols, rules and regulations are to be observed at all times. Air crew personnel have to make various important decisions for example carrying out the procedures of Medevac operations, deciding which aircraft or air transportation to be deployed, checking on the weather condition for safe flight and detailing the landing spot for the air crafts upon arrival to the accident scene. Besides the air crew personnel, the accompanying paramedics also bear the responsibility of making sure the aircraft is well and fully equipped with the necessary medical or medevac equipment and medicines. Air ambulance organisations have to make sure that all of these precautions are observed to ensure the smoothness of the air rescue operation.

The advantage of engaging air ambulance service is that patients, whether critically ill or not, could be quickly evacuated to suitable or the nearest health care facilities for treatment without delay. Although it seems troublesome and impractical to some for engaging such services especially involving air transportation which normally requires appropriate landing spots, such challenges are brushed aside when the cases are critical and typical road transportations are not viable options due to unforeseen road congestion or during periods of disasters where land roads are destroyed and medical aid could not be reached as soon as possible. Air ambulance service could potentially save a lot of time during transportation of the patients to health care facilities and in doing so, save the life of the patients with critical illnesses or injuries.

We at Asia Medevac Services strive to provide the best air ambulance services to patients in need all over the world and it is our mission to ensure our patients receive complete medical aid and treatment as soon as possible without delay. Our services are on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and our air crew and emergency medical specialists are well trained to provide superior care and respond efficiently to critical or non-critical patients during transport. It is our responsibility to ensure that lives are preserved and cared for at anytime, anywhere.